Fort Washington Elementary School PTA

H o m e    of    t h e    P a t r i o t s !

Room Parent InfoRmation

So you have volunteered as a room parent at FWES, now what?

Room parents are chosen from the returned list of those parents who volunteered from the PTA Welcome packets.  A luncheon is provided between the room parents and teachers to introduce each other and talk about the role of the room parents in their classroom.  You can also e-mail other room parents to ask what they have done in the past. (See below for a list of current room parents.)

Teachers will typically ask you to help plan 3 class parties per year and occasionally ask for help with various classroom activities, like walking to the UD library or helping guide students at Robbins Park; those activities will vary at each grade level and also between teachers within the same grade level.   Your teacher will guide you with how much time for parties or activities you have.  Always defer to the teacher's judgement when you have a question about party activities. Chances are, they have done it or tried it before!  At the luncheon, be clear about how you and your teacher wish to communicate to avoid any confusion in the future.  

Events are typically planned in advance, so that a working parent may schedule time to participate as a room parent also.  Room parents most often coordinate class events or other volunteer efforts through e-mail and "backpack" mail.  Room parents are important to the role of the PTA at FWES as well.  Room parents assist with getting volunteers for Field Day and the Spring Fair and often help get information out to families about other events at FWES.  

Communication is a vital role in any organization and the room parents for each classroom provide a way for the teacher and also for the PTA to connect with the families at FWES.  Thank you for volunteering as a room  parent!  Still have questions--click here for a copy of the Room Parent Guidelines the PTA Board has put together.