Fort Washington Elementary School PTA

H o m e    of    t h e    P a t r i o t s !


What are the regular school hours?  
Regular school hours are 8:45 am  to 3:40pm.  Children may arrive at school at 8:25  am, but must report to the cafeteria and remain there until 8:40am.  If your child arrives after 8:45, you must sign them in at the main office for a late arrival slip.  If a student is brought to school before 8:25 am and is not participating in a before school activity (YMCA, band, orchestra, AM Reading Academy, etc.) parents will be called to return to school to pick their children up.  Parents are not permitted beyond the welcome desk in the front lobby during AM drop off and are not permitted to enter the building via the side carline doorway during AM drop off.

What are the procedures for dismissal?  
Children that go home by bus must report to the cafeteria, where they wait until their bus is called.  Children who walk may leave by the doors at the end of the kindergarten hallway. Parents or guardians are not permitted to wait in the front lobby before dismissal to wait for their child. If a child is picked up in the carline, they are to wait in the hallway by the side exit until their name is called.  The wait in the carline can get long, particularly in rainy or extreme cold weather.  Please plan extra time on those days when picking up your child.  

What is the traffic pattern for accessing the FWES parking lot?
Vehicles are restricted from making a left hand turn in to the parking lot from 8:30am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 4:00pm every school day, excepting buses.   This traffic pattern has been recommended by the Upper Dublin Police to help alleviate traffic back-ups on Highland and Fort Washington Avenues.  

How do I pick up my child for an appointment  during the school day?
Simply report to the main office, and sign out your child. If your child returns to school that day, you must sign your child back in on the same sheet.  It would also be prudent to send a note in with your child for his/her teacher and allow a few minutes extra when picking up your child for the appointment.

When does my child have lunch or recess?
At Back to School night, your child's teacher will give you a copy of the schedule for their class.  This information will also be included in our directory.  

What is the school visitation policy?
Visitors can only enter at the main entrance and must sign with a photo ID  for use with our monitoring software at the welcome desk for their first visit each school year.  After the first initial visit for each school year, a photo ID will not be required.  After signing in, visitors will receive and must wear a name badge during their visit at FWES.  Please remember to sign out when leaving the school and your badge will be collected at the end of your visit.  All visits must be approved by the classroom teacher ahead of time.  This new  monitoring system was implemented in the fall of 2013.  Click on the question above for the official policy.

What is the policy when my child is sick or absent from school?
If your child was sick or absent on a day of regular instruction, you must call the school on that day by 9:30 stating the reason for the absence.  If a call is not received, the school office will call you to inquire why your child is not in school.  Upon return to school, a note is required that states the reason for the absence.  This information is vital to maintain our attendance information for FWES.

How do I log in to the school's WiFi?
Turn on your computer's WiFi and search for and connect to UDSD_Open_Campus.  You will be directed to an Acceptable Use Policy Page which will require your approval.  Your device will then be checked to ensure that it has current anti-virus software; if it does not it will not be allowed access.  Select that you are a guest user, and then provide an email address and a password will be created for you.  Click here for more information about usage limitations and more detailed instructions.

How do I volunteer for a PTA committee?  
The easiest way is to return the welcome packet sheet you received at the beginning of the school year.  Your name and contact information will be given to the chairperson of the committee or function that your volunteered for and you will be contacted by that chairperson.  You can also check out the list of all the committees and events at FWES on this website on our Committee Info page and e-mail the chairperson yourself.  

What are the responsibilities of the PTA board members?
The PTA board members are responsible for leading the efforts of the PTA at FWES.  The board members ensure that all school events are organized in a manner that benefits students, families and teachers and staff at FWES.  The PTA is also responsible for organizing payment for all field trips and other trips that require bus services from the school district.  Monthly meetings are planned so that parents and FWES staff are informed about PTA events and other initiatives planned by the school administration.  

How do I receive a directory?
You can purchase access to our online directory (access via smartphone app and website) using the form provided in the Welcome Packet. You will also need to update your contact information and provide permission to publish your contact information in the HAC (Home Access Center). Welcome Packets are due back the first week of school, after this time if you still wish to purchase access to the directory, please contact the PTA president. .

When will I meet my child's teacher?
At Back-to-School Night in September, parents and teachers meet for the first time.  At this meeting your teacher will review guidelines and procedures for a typical school day.   At this important meeting, it is encouraged that children not attend.  

How do I get information about school events and other important information?
There are so many ways! Each child receives a Friday folder at the end of the school week.  This special folder contains important information from your teachers as well as from the PTA and school district.  This folder is to be emptied and returned to school on Monday.  (Also be sure to check our Friday E-Folder on this site under the 
Forms, Flyers, Links tab!) The school district also sends out e-mails about other important happenings throughout Upper Dublin. Our principal, Mrs. Hultquist, also distributes the Patriot Press, an e-mail that highlights upcoming events at FWES.  To receive e-mails from the Upper Dublin School District and to receive Mrs. Hultquist's Patriot Press, you must be signed up for eNotify/ListServ. 

How do I sign up for eNotify/ListServ?
To sign up, go to and click on the District Information tab.  Select the eNotify/ListServ option, and read through the information and directions.  You may subscribe to multiple district ListServs.  Not sure if you are signed up? Go to the site and type in your e-mail and password to check your account.  ​

Have more questions?

New parents and guardians of Fort students can feel free to contact any PTA board member with questions. Contact information can be found on the home page.