Cash Back Programs

BoxTops For Education: This is one of the easiest way to help FWES! Simply clip the BoxTop logo from many participating items and send in to school in an envelope with your child's name and teacher.  Monthly incentives are given to classrooms with the most and a grand prize for most overall is awarded at the end of the year.  Don't hang on to those BoxTops for too long because they do expire!  Each BoxTop gives the FWES PTA ten cents.  There is also opportunities to earn more with eBoxTops.  Click the logo to learn more about those online shopping opportunities - many popular sites, like Lands End, participate in the eBoxTops program.

Tyson: Tyson offers a similar labels program to BoxTops. Simply look for the A+ label on participating products, clip and send to school in an envelope with your child's name and teacher.  You can use the same envelope as BoxTops. Each label gives twenty-four cents.  Click the logo for info on participating Tyson products.

Labels for Education: Clip and save the specially marked UPC labels from participating products like Campbell's Soups, Prego, and Pepperridge Farms.  These labels are converted into points that help replenish the playground equipment given to all classrooms at the beginning and throughout the school year.  You can send in these labels in the same envelope as those BoxTops and Tyson labels!

Giant A+: Anyone that shops with a Giant A+ Plus card can help our school.   The program typically begins in October and ends in March.  (New this year, you will NOT have to re-register if you were registered last year.  But please check the link and see that your information is accurate!) A check is written to the PTA based on the number of points our registered Giant shoppers have accumulated relative to all the other school's points.  Don't worry if you don't understand all the details--just click on logo and register your Giant card!  Ask relatives to do the same if they have a Giant Card too! Our school ID # is 25917. Sign up here (link). Unfortunately, the PTA is not permitted to register anyone's Bonus Card for them.

Fort Washington Elementary School PTA

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