A.p.p.l.e.s. program

The APPLES Program stands for:
   Parents to
   Provide for
   Learning and
​   Success

The APPLES program works to help fulfill REAL needs in individual classrooms or even in a grade level. It was launched in January 2013 and was such a success that we want to continue the program again. Meeting simple needs and teacher requests for to provide helpful tools for learning.

It works as a rolling wish list so that as teachers send in requests they will get posted onto the signup genius. As parents sign up to fulfill the need they may then deliver the request right to the classroom. Some grade level needs might require more space (like book collection) so we will arrange for a drop off location. We aren't asking for parents to go out and purchase brand new items off the list necessarily, but we are trying to match teacher needs with gently used items items that parents aren't using.

For example if a teacher needs a small cd player for the classroom and a parent has an extra working cd player it would be a perfect match . . . perhaps grade level books for your classrooms are needed, a DVD player or a Nerf football for recess . . . the list is endless.

Click here to see the SignUpGenius list.

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